December 07, 2011

Your Social Media Reputation

Are you aware of your social media reputation? It is so easy to relax and let your hair down on social media sites. Facebook has a friendly format to encourage socializing and sharing information about your self. The information you share online and on Facebook stays on the web. You can’t erase it. That’s great if you are building a positive online reputation. It could cause you problems later if you say something negative about someone else or if you show irresponsible behavior or language.

When employers, clients, and customers Google your name to learn about your character and values, do you know what they will see? In her article, “Fixing a Faulty Social Media Reputation,” Janet Wall shares important tips on how to check your reputation and repair damage you may have already caused. Take a few minutes to read the article and share it with friends.


Nancy Miller’s article, “More Than A Job Search: Enhance Career Management Skills Using Social Media,” discusses ways to build a positive reputation online while building important job search skills. Linking to groups that share your interests, making thoughtful comments, giving recommendations, and building a network of friends and colleagues that share your values will help build a reputation that will attract employers and customers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice job seeker, you can take advantage of all of the digital tools available to show who you are and what you can do.


There are so many uses for social media to connect with friends, classmates, clients, and prospective employers. We have amazing tools and instant access to people all over the world. Take time this week to make meaningful connections on and off line. Your reputation is worth it!





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