November 04, 2011

Job Action Day 2011 Skill up for Employment

To address the current mismatch between job seeker skills and employer demands, the theme for Job Action Day 2011 is Skill Up, Start Up, or Speak Up. Watch for advice and tips from Career Experts coming November 7, 2011. Why are skills so important?

Whether you are currently employed and want to stay employable, or you are looking for a job, you need to stay active and keep learning new skills. The key to staying employable is to have the basic skills that all employers want. Then learn and practice specific skills in your career field that will help you stand out from the crowd. There are so many opportunities for learning new skills and staying current in your career.
  • Job training, apprenticeship, and internships
  • Update certifications, self-study, internet classes
  • Volunteering (especially valued in medical, nonprofits, and law enforcement)
  • Temporary work assignments 
You have skills and abilities that come naturally to you and some that you have learned through experience. When you find the skills you are good at that match the skills you want to use, you will have the energy to master those skills. Work on them and improve them until you excel. Then look for opportunities in the job market.

There are many valuable skills that are not well compensated by employers. If you find it difficult to fit the skills you want to use into today's job market, you may want to "Start Up" your own business, or "Speak Up" as an advocate for good business practices and "empowering workers and job seekers." Career professionals share their expertise on how to "Fire Up Your Job Search."

Thank you, Quintessential Careers for the opportunity to participate in Job Action Day for the past two years.

November is National Career Development Month. Find articles, ideas and information for supporting your business and/or career. Enjoy fall and embrace change!

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