August 02, 2010

Sidewalk Signs

Have you ever noticed the lines, cracks, and chips in the sidewalk while you are walking? Walking with young children, jumping over lines, and noticing bugs on the sidewalk heightened my awareness of sidewalk signs. Sidewalks tell a story.

Today as I was walking, I looked down and saw straight smooth lines, thin cracks that spread through several sidewalk lines, and mottled chips. The sidewalk's unspoken language gave me a picture of what had come before me. Purposeful footsteps, playful toes, bicycle wheels, sun baked summer days, wind, floods, pounding, running, walking dogs, and conversations.

Watching the various dips, dents, cracks, and patches in my path made me think about my life's journey. I often see my life in blocks marked by memorable events. Like the blocks of cement on the sidewalk my experiences are sometimes smooth and follow a carefully laid out plan. Then there are the messy interruptions that leave small dents in my plans, there are lost expectations that leave mottled pits, and long cracks that add distinction. I can choose to walk over, around, or patch the cracks, but there will always be evidence of my uneven journey.

My ability to enjoy and appreciate the pits and cracks in my life gives me character and wisdom.