June 26, 2008

They'll Eat You Alive

Pop inhale or drive a needle in your veins. Drink eat ingest. Limbs whittled away and a heart invaded. No room for friends, family, or feelings. This stump of a man that was once my brother, eaten and regurgitated a sprawling mass of a man. Slumped up and wheeled around, he was once a flirt and ladies man. Girls winked and drooled over a handsome young man with a baritone voice. Passing communion and eyeing the blonde on the third row. Who could resist his charms?

Kicking and fighting, handing out pills. Fat boy looking through striking brown eyes. Where did it come from? This abusive father abandoning his daughter for drugs. His stern respected father who took the command literally lest he spare the rod and spoil the child.
The rod child yelled and screamed and soothed himself with libation.

Kind father with the big stick now gone. The young man grown old. Whittled away before he knew how to live and love. What to do with these pieces of my life. Memories in the shadows of late night drinks and cocaine. Left with only a sting and a brother eaten alive by drugs.