July 24, 2006

The Whirlpool

Caught in a depression whirlpool
that's drowning my soul
Feigning spiritual prosperity
but lacking self control
I was pulled by desire,
a feeling of ecstasy
For a euphoria so intense,
it consumed all of me
Soon I lost control,
lost all that I had
Lied to my mother
and disgraced my dad
Then I was captured,
freedom had escaped me
Perjury in the court
because I lacked integrity
Living only to fail
in the wake of a high
Exhaling smoke pass a tear
beneath my wife's eye
Anticipaing a rush
that left faster than it came
Initiates an inner debate
of whether or not I'm sane
Confusion brought on
by emotional turmoil
Turned away from my God
even though he stays loyal!
By Wilson Wayne