November 01, 2006

My Story

I arrived in Sacramento, September 5, 2004. I was coming from Kissimmell, FL. I lost my home because of three consecutive hurricanes. I was semi-retired and loving being a volunteer at the Veteran's Hospital in Orlando, FL. That was then. Four months ago I lost my business. I was buying cars from the local auctions, fixing the cars up and reselling them on the internet. My business partner, who I put much trust in, stole stole $10,000 from the business. Of course the business shut down because of his deed. I then went through a bout of depression, which kept me in bed for 2 months.

I came to Francis House in June for a gas voucher. Being depressed and shy, I just wanted to be un-noticed. One of the volunteers named Sheila, asked me if I was interested in coming to job skills orientation. I hesitated at her offer because I was not here looking for a job. Somehow Sheila convinced me to come in for orientation to meet Nancy. Nancy gave me a pep talk that was so inspiring that I soon became a regular at Francis House workshops. I soon began re-telling my story to other clients. This helped me and hopefully gave inspiration to the listeners.

I am currently enrolled in the Nursing Program at Sacramento City College with a 4.0 GPA. I am enrolled with the Citrus Heights Fire Department as a volunteer, training to be a Flight Nurse (paramedic).

Never give up is my slogan for 2006.
Raymond H. Campbell