November 28, 2005

Internet Safety

Internet security and fraud can be huge problems when using the internet and mail programs. Many of the problems can be avoided by thinking of internet safety as you would any other kind of security. Don't give personal information such as your social security number, driver's license number, mother's maiden name or date of birth over the internet. The exception to this rule is when you have established contact with your bank, Employment Development Department (CALJobs), or other government agencies with secure websites. If in doubt, call them first to make sure you know who you are giving the information to and why.

If you are asked for personal information by Yahoo, Internet Explorer, or Windows programs, don't give them the information. You have a right to keep your personal information private. If you are contacted by email and asked to give personal information, don't give it to them. Call or check their website.

If you are the victim of internet fraud or other consumer fraud, contact the district attorney's office,